From the Purest Water on Earth

The key ingredients of Forty Fathoms™ are sourced from wild, hand-harvested Fucus vesiculosus seaweed that grows in the world’s purest and cleanest ocean waters.
Fucus vesiculosus is the only seaweed species from which we can extract both fucoidan and polyphenol together. Fucoidan helps in regenerating damaged cells. Polyphenol is a type of sunscreen and environmental protector which has magnificent antioxidant properties, helping to protect from damage caused by sunlight and other environmental stresses.

Compare of Fucoidan Extracts


Discovering Maritech® Bright

After years of research and trials, Dr Helen Fitton and her team of researchers from Marinova identified the powerful properties of Maritech® Bright and its beneficial and repairing nature.

When the fucoidan and polyphenol are extracted together from Fucus vesiculosus seaweed, the ingredient Maritech® Bright is produced. This extraordinary ingredient is the key ingredient in Forty Fathoms™ to both protect and repair the skin.

Maritech® Bright is the only fucoidan ingredient that is both organically certified and clinically tested so that you know it works.


To Retain the Intensely Powerful Maritech® Bright


The Power to Protect and Repair Skin

The following data shows the results of clinical studies and extensive testing over a 60-day period of using the active component in Forty Fathoms™.

*Percentage inhibition of enzymes that cause aging
Performed by Marinova

Skin Spot Reduction
Tests performed by Farcoderm Srl. Italy

Increase Brightness
Tests performed by Farcoderm Srl. Italy

Reduce Redness
Performed by Farcoderm Srl. Italy

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